Friday, June 02, 2006

Why my tail is wagging

My friends, I am very excited today. The Pug Life Ministries Gift Shop has been remodeled and now features a wide range of products featuring a stunning portrait of yours truly. This portrait was created by Kevin McCormick, the artist behind the popular site and an ally of Pug Life. It was not easy to sit still while Kevin worked on this masterpiece, but the finished product -- and the Milkbone dog biscuit that he held up the entire time -- made it all worthwhile.

Even if I do not sell a single product (not my preference, mind you), I will treasure this design always. It has captured my authoritarian charm, my worldly wisdom, my ultra-virile beard. The Dogloo Mosque, long a dream of mine, is featured in the foreground. And with the bone dropping in the background, the portrait shows my long-standing desire to spread the joys of rawhide the world over. Universal access to rawhide is one of the pillars of the Pugistan movement.

I invite you all to visit the gift shop and have a look at the high-quality stationery, clothing, posters and other products available. In addition to the Ayatollah Mugsy goods, the store includes my new design featuring that most existential of questions: Got Rawhide?

CLICK HERE to embark on your shopping journey at the Pug Life Ministries Gift Shop. Tell your friends; tell a stranger. God willing, we will outsell Old Navy and The Gap combined.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Kevin is a longtime supporter of the pug-rights movement and the world's leading purveyor of canine propaganda. His powerful designs provide a rallying cry for dogs of all breeds. After you spend this week's paycheck at the Pug Life Ministries Gift Shop, I urge you to visit his site and spend next week's paycheck (that is what credit cards are for). His online store can be found at


Anonymous said...

Nice pugture, oh great one!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the opportunities to show our pug-one-ness. Cool designs!

puppytoes said... convinced me. i'm linking you AND your pure breed friend here (really great stuff... even if he's yet to feature anything related to Tibetan Terriers...)

my work here is done. : P

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Thank you, Puppytoes and Anonymous Twosome.