Friday, June 09, 2006

Up and running

It appears that is working once again. Unfortunately, problems with this Web site prevented me from posting details of the Pug Life Ministries Million-Dollar Giveaway on Tuesday. The deadline to enter the sweepstakes passed at noon today (Central time), and it appears that I have received no entries. But if you remain pious and continue your dogged support of Pug Life Ministries, perhaps you will have better luck next year.

My 75-child sweatshop has turned out its latest design for our new online gift shop (which is having a Father's Day sale today). For any baffled blue-staters out there, this new design is based on the official state bumper sticker of Texas.

Click here to view the children's handiwork.


Ms. Mamma said...

Oh Ayatollah, came here via uncivil and as such have found respite. Pugs rule. You can see my fair obsession, in my blog header. Gone nine months. Luckily I'm a photo taking freak and have lots of mementos. I bow down...oeatadg

Ms. Mamma said...

BTW, my boy was a Mississippi delta bluesman, can't you see it?

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Hi, Ms. Mamma. Thanks for stopping by. I can see the bluesman look. Give my regards to The Chidler.