Tuesday, June 06, 2006

All things are possible

I recently spotted a car with a Hawaii license plate near my North Texas compound. That must have been some road trip.


JMG said...

I saw a great-looking Chevy Nomad with a Hawaii plate in East Tennesee a couple of weeks ago. I had to wonder if it surfed over on the boards that were strapped to the top.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

A Nomad -- I'd be worried about that breaking down mid-Pacific.

JMG said...

It was a sweet ride, Mugsy. Gorgeous restoration. I'd love to have it.

Anonymous said...

Mama and Dad MET some lunatic in an MG convertible going over one of those horribly dangerous mountain passes between Silverton and Ouray, Colorado.

Mind you, Mama drives a Jeep Cherokee but she wouldn't subject her own vehicle to such abuse, she rented another Jeep!

Mama says she'd about forgotten about Nomads. The company car at PugVillage.com is a Yugo...the boss says only the best for his staff!! Mama wanted a Pacer but they were too expensive.

Bro. Mugsy, do you think the Nomad knows about I-635? I'd be worried about a Nomad breaking down mid-635.

J.B. daPug

Melissa said...

When we lived in Virginia Beach, not only was it almost common to see Hawaii license plates, but another one that'd you see fairly often were Guam, and Puerto Rico even showed up once in awhile as well. I think it's related to the huge military base population.