Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ugly, thy name is Archie

Congratulations are in order for devoted Pug Life Ministries follower Archie, who has been crowned the world's ugliest dog. The Chinese crested, a native of Phoenix, Ariz., topped 16 worthy opponents and one pug to claim the title. Let us all congratulate Archie and remind him to tithe 10 percent of his $1,000 prize to the ministry. And remember: Ugly is only skin deep.

Click here for a video of Archie's shining moment.


eaglethepug said...

Our beloved leader,

As a firm follower of the way of the pug, I was with great certainty that the pug would not win - this reconfirms my theory that pugs are absolutely the most beautiful creatures on earth. And I'm not biased in saying that just because I am one.

However, should we be considered that a fellow canine of chinese descent is considered so ugly?

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Well, Eagle, somebody has to win. I think we should be proud of Archie for his accomplishment -- he won two trophies and $1,000. And it should be noted that he is nowhere near as frightening as last year's winner, the incomparable Sam.