Thursday, June 22, 2006

Round and round

Whew! Let me catch my breath. I have just completed a series of wild circular sprints around the living room. My father, whom I was running around, is no doubt dizzy now. That will teach him not to try to touch my paws while I am working on a sermon. As your spiritual leader, I believe it is my duty to maintain peak physical performance; I know that you are counting on me. So I regularly engage in such circular sprinting and change-of-direction exercises. And though I may be a graybeard, my friends, I've still got some moves that would make Barry Sanders proud. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go sleep for the next 12 hours.

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Anonymous said...

All Americans should follow your example. We need to be ready to stand up to the forces that may want to take our freedoms away! During the creation of your new nation it will be essential.