Monday, June 29, 2009

Boxer KOs ugly-dog competition

In a history-making upset over the weekend, a boxer named Pabst claimed the title of World's Ugliest Dog at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in California. Pabst (above), so named because of his "bitter beer face," defeated a Chinese crested to claim the prestigious title in the one contest that yours truly could never win.

Pabst's blue-ribbon win was surprising because the Chinese crested breed typically owns the title. It's like the greyhound in racing, the Kennedy and Bush families in politics, the bad accent in "True Blood." The Chinese crested has "ugly" embedded in its DNA. So the boxer's win, aided by his reverse-vampire underbite, was quite a feat, indeed.

Pabst's caretaker, Miles Egstad, was surprised by the boxer's victory, exclaiming, "I don't think he's that ugly!" Still, he was surely happy to pocket $2,600 in prize money. I tend to agree with Egstad's assessment -- Pabst doesn't even come close to the standard of ugliness set by legendary three-time winner Sam. As a fellow owner of an underbite, albeit a much less severe one, I believe that Pabst's dental issues convey a certain gravitas. But Pabst is a deserving champion and should be commended on his win. Thankfully, this year's contest was not marred by any ugly controversy like the 2006 event.

Pabst, we at Pug Life Ministries salute you, and we eagerly await the arrival of your $260 tithe. You have joined the pantheon of unappealing pooches, scaling the highest heights of hideousness. Many dogs competed, but only you could fetch the ugly stick.

In closing, I would like to recite a poem from the classic 1986 movie "Wildcats." This one's for you, Pabst:

You ain't got no alibi,
You ugly.


Anonymous said...

Wow those are some serious chops ! Z

jan said...

I don't understand why people consider the dogs that are "nose challenged" to be ugly.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I don't really think he's ugly, either. But he's the champ, so I have to give him his due. It is quite an accomplishment.

Hank said...

Ayatollah, sir......I think I could help out ol' Pabst. I have a little experience in the dental field (check out my latest blog post).

And with a name like Pabst, I'd do it free o' charge!

Zeus said...

I actually find Pabst to be appealing, in an odd and endearing sort of way. He looks like a canine bouncer to some bar, someone with a big heart but big meat hooks who will mess you up at a moment's notice.

Do you need a new bodyguard, Ayatollah? This guy could come in handy.

I also didn't think Pabst's name was appropriate. I would have thought "Beast" would have been a nice play on words. Poor misnamed creature!

Masterlock said...

Pabst is butt ugly, but Sam was a champion that we will most likely never have the privilege of seeing again in our lifetime. If I ran into him in an alley, I would probably fall to my knees crying and beg for mercy.