Monday, June 19, 2006

Leave no pet behind

The lawmakers in Washington, who are keeping the seats warm for when we canines take over, have been working on some important legislation for a change. The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act would require that pets be included in disaster evacuation plans. I was saddened after Hurricane Katrina to read the stories of humans forced by rescuers to leave their pets behind, and I have signed this online petition supporting the PETS Act.

For years now, we have had the No Child Left Behind law. And let's face it; some of these children deserve to be left behind -- screeching tail-pullers, juvenile delinquents, street urchins. Let us instead focus our energies on ensuring that no pet is left behind. They deserve no less.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Pets are dependent on not-so-cleaver humans for their survival. We need to make sure they have a back-up program when their humans fail them!

Ms. Mamma said...

Oh-la-sa-li-ma, dear one. This is muy importante! I cannot fathom having to leave a baby behind. It's just not right.

-*- Nicole & Sadie -*- said...

I just need to stop reading this blog..I'm in stitches after every visit from laughing so much. That's it...I'm on strike! Sadie and I are going to need to pursue a different following.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Indeed, friends. I hope this law passes soon. It is not right to force humans to leave their animal friends behind.

Nicole and Sadie, you will be missed. I have never had to deal with striking readers before, but such are the challenges of a canine religious leader. It is not an easy job.