Monday, June 04, 2007

The fur flies

As the temperature rises, my desire to spend time outdoors diminishes. We pugs are a temperate breed. The Texas heat does not suit us, and so we thank Allah for the air conditioning and morning walks that help us through these not-so-dog days of summer. But it is said that every ozone cloud has a silver lining. In this case, that silver lining is piling up on my carpet and furniture as we speak. Thanks to God's brilliant plan, I have shed enough fur in the last week for a batch of 5,000 additional patriotic ribbons. Order yours today.


Pappy's Fella said...

If it's not too far beneath your dignity, a tub for mixing mortar makes an excellent pool

James Beauregard daPug said...

Yeh, pappy's fella, but a pool would need water and Bro. Mugsy can't even water his periwinkles except on garbage pick-up day.

Now I, on the other hand, can have all the water I want and am wondering how big is a mortar-mixing tub? I have two old chicks who like to swim with me.

J. B.

Pappy's Fella said...

M. Dapug,
Ooh, forgot about the lawn watering incident. As to the pool, this looks like it. Not great for swimming laps, but just the thing for a little hot tub coziness with some chicas.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

It looks like you've found a nice solution, Pappy's Fella. Unfortunately, I am not much of an aquadog, dating back to the time in my puppyhood when my father lured me into a pool with trickery and a biscuit.

You have a photographic memory, James Beauregard. Have you ever tried to memorize the Quran?

James Beauregard daPug said...

Yes, Bro. memory is excellent. I have never ever forgotten anything - at least nothing I remember!

And to answer your question. No, I have not attempted to memorize the sacred book is Islam - BUT - I do know the prologue to the Canterbury the original dialect - not that it's something I can go around saying to just anybody.

I'd like to stay and chat but I'm going with Mama to look at these mortar mixing tubs. Mama wants to be the first one in the neighborhood to own one!!

J. B.