Friday, June 15, 2007

Since I been gone

Since we last corresponded, I have been busy organizing the greatest spectacle of a telethon this world has ever seen. Just yesterday, recording star Kelly Clarkson canceled her summer tour so that she could devote all her energies to a telethon performance. "Though I am sacrificing potentially millions of dollars," she said, "it is worth it to help my fellow North Texan and spiritual adviser. Without the ayatollah, I would be nothing." I have been in talks with other celebrities as well, and I believe you will be pleased with the star-studded mix that awaits on telethon day. More details to come.


James Beauregard daPug said...

Exactly what kind of talent are you looking for, Bro. Mugsy?

J. B.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

All kinds, James Beauregard. It will be an eclectic mix. I may break out my juggling skills, if I'm not too rusty.