Monday, June 25, 2007

From the heavens

I was patrolling the back yard, making sure no infidels had intruded upon my lush carpet of weeds interspersed with grass. The fence line marks my domain, and a good ayatollah must be ever-vigilant about re-asserting his territorial claims. Who knows what that scissor-tail flycatcher is up to -- is he just passing through, or are his motives more sinister? Either way, a gruff bark will send him fluttering on his way. As I sniffed the perimeter, a loud thunderclap raised my hackles. I felt a cool drop on my back, and then another. Then came the deluge. Before I could even scratch the door to make it magically open, my fur was drenched. My tail, heavy with the accursed rainwater, sank almost to the concrete.

Allah, we converse daily. Couldn't you have given me some warning?


TransplantedOkie said...

But I am sure that your pugness had no foul order that is usually associated with wet canines. I am sure that you smelled like the roses of heaven.

Anonymous said...

Oh My Husband! I hope you were dried by nice fluffy towels instead of a horrid hair drier - nemisis of all things pugness.

What is a -tail flycatcher ? I do not think we have those in Chicago.

Why do you think Allah did not tell you about this? Do you feel he was trying to persuade you or tell you something?

xoxo Aine

PS - May I have a picture of you all wet and bothered to add to the Harem bulletin board of "my husband the Ayatollah Hotty!" I am sure you have seen this? It is you at the top in all your beautiful garb and than swimlanes with the harem wife at top followed by their favorite pictures of you. heee. We will be so pleased. xoxox AINE

Pappy's Fella said...

Mercifully it is a day free from worries of water restrictions.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

My parents talk about an "outside smell," but they know not what they speak of, TransplantedOkie.

A scissor-tail flycatcher is a bird with long, scissor-like tailfeathers. It is the state bird of Oklahoma. Allah must have been busy with something else; I am sure He wanted to warn me. I didn't snap a photo of my drenched fur - maybe next time.

Though the drought has been shattered by rainstorm after rainstorm, Pappy's Fella, the watering restrictions remain. I fear they are here to stay. I haven't turned on my sprinklers in a couple of months and haven't needed to, but it would be nice if I could have the parents wash my pugmobile in the driveway for a change.

JMG said...

Please ask Allah to send some rain to TN. We had a nice rain yesterday, but we need more so that the grass won't be crunchy.

Eagle & Ranger's Mom said...

Mugsy, I get the impression that you're a sports fan, so I thought you might appreciate perusing this list:

101 things all sports fans must experience before they die

I've done 5.5 of them, actually. I don't think I can really count the .5 one, though, which is going to a Packers game in December, since I did that, but it was in Philadelphia instead. It was still cold, though!!