Friday, January 27, 2006

No hanging chads, please

I think we can all agree that an autonomous pug homeland will soon rise in the American Southwest, with yours truly as its unquestioned ruler. So it is time to begin preparing in earnest. It is time to name this future global superpower. In the past, I have generally chosen to rule with an iron paw. But after seeing how democracy has transformed Iraq into an oasis of peace and prosperity, I have decided to put this momentous decision in your capable paws and hands. Yes, Pug Life has gone democratic. So I urge you to vote early and often on the name of this great nation. You can find the polling place sandwiched between my handsome mug to the right and those fabulous yet tragically underclicked ads.

The poll is configured to allow you to vote once a day. If you would like to campaign for your favorite choice or engage in voter intimidation, you are welcome to leave comments below.


James Beauregard DaPug said...

But, but, but...Bro. Mugsy, they're all excellent. How does one choose?

I have so much trouble with indecisiveness - Mama will show me a peanut butter treat and a yogurt treat and I just nearly fall apart trying to decide which one to choose.

Oh, me...decisions, decisions, decisions.

James Beauregard DaPug

JMG said...

I personally like "Rawhide Nation." Yes, the greatest Pug on Earth, Mugsy, will be the head, but Mugsy has also advocated pluralism by welcoming all canine species and humans into his fold. The name "Rawhide Nation" symbolizes this coming together of all canines for the greater good of society because most dogs love rawhide, and it reminds humans of their proper place in society because humans typically don't like rawhide, but we spend tremendous amounts of our money on rawhide so that our dogs will be happy.

I realize I'm terribly outnumbered here. There are only three votes in favor of "Rawhide Nation," and two of them are mine. I'll be sure to vote again tomorrow.

Iggy and Bella said...

Happy Chinese New Year of the dog from Iggy and Bella!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

James Beauregard, I cannot tell you how to vote. But in the other instance, I would always find a way to eat both the peanut butter treat and the yogurt treat.

You make a good argument, JMG. There is still time to cast new votes, so perhaps some of the other congregants will be swayed.

Happy Chinese New Year, Iggy and Bella! This is a proud time for me, being of Chinese descent.