Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let the redemption begin

We can all breathe easier now; Bella has been returned to the Pug Life fold. She showed up at my doorstep last night after many weeks of pillaging the Mexican countryside. Although the 10-million peso reward was tempting, my loyalty to the Pug Life faithful is unwavering. And the Mexicans believe I am responsible for her abduction, so they wouldn't have paid, anyway. Now, God willing, we must turn Bella's life around. We must halt her criminal tendencies and show her that there is a better way.

After giving Bella a nice lukewarm
shower, we locked her up in one of the Pug Life holding cells. Though I have high hopes for Bella, I harbor no illusions. I realize it would be insane to let her roam freely in her current maniacal state. This will be a slow, grueling process. But I will leave no puppy behind -- Bella will find redemption.

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Anonymous said...

We pray for Bella and hope that her ways will be mended. Surely she has some skills that can be put to use in the ministry. Feeling needed will be important to her recovery. With your great wisdom, I know things will be fine.