Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dog power

Do canines hold the key to solving our energy problems? San Francisco seems to think so. The city is teaming with Norcal Waste to harness the power of dog poo, making my back yard a potential energy goldmine. I whole-heartedly endorse this effort. If successful, it will prove once again how important dogs are to American society. And it will add fuel to the growing canine suffrage movement.

I am rather alarmed, however, by another apparent effort to harness canine power. Judging from
this headline, it appears that a French automaker is planning to mix diesel fuel and live pugs in the gas tank of its new hybrid car. I must strongly condemn this outrageous plan.


rpm said...

Mugsey, that will give our daddy a reason to make our mama pick up our poop in the save money by not paying for gasoline. We'll never have to buy gasoline again because we, too, have a ton of poop in our yard. Do you suppose anyone will knock on our door wanting to know if they can pick up poop from our yard?

Iggy and Bella said...

If you are interested, you are welcome to join PETAH Pugs exploiting total authority over humans. We have created a membership plaque, it is on our site.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I wouldn't fill up the gas tank just yet, Ragus Pug's Mama. But productive pugs such as ourselves could be the 21st century Beverly Hillbillies.

Thank you for the invitation, Iggy and Bella. I will consider it, but I fear it may undermine the sovereignty of my democratic dictatorship. That is why the new pug nation will refuse to join the U.N. But even if I do not join, consider me a staunch ally of PETAH.

Da Angry Filipino said...

Yesss! Poo poo power is finally here. Hopefully, someday we could quit our dependance on foreign oil. We're giving the Middle East too much of our money.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Canines: Powering the future.