Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Winter cleaning

It's been a slow couple of days around the ayatollah household, aside from the whole IAEA hostage drama. I've been trying to do a little cleaning and reorganizing. One by one, I've been gathering up all the shoes in the house and taking them to my father in the living room. But he doesn't seem to get the message. They would look perfect if he would just stack them all on the mantel, but he keeps thanking me and then taking them to the closet. These humans can be really dense sometimes.


Karlos said...

Venerable (is that the right title?) Ayatollah Mugsy:

I believe I have found a potential convert. I took the liberty of contacting Jezebel the Labrador. You can find her post and her picture here.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Yes, Carlos, spread the word! In the name of Pug Life Ministries, I deputize you to proselytize. Your service to the ministry will someday be rewarded handsomely.