Friday, December 23, 2005

The latest buzz

Today's lesson, my friends, is about a small but fast-growing sect of Islam. You may have heard of some of the faith's larger branches. There are the Shiites and the Sunnis, the two main divisions, who split over the leadership of the faith centuries ago. There is the Nation of Islam, the 75-year-old sect born in the holy Motor City of Detroit. There are the Sufis, a mystical bunch known for their twirling meditative dances (the phrase "whirling Dervish" originally referred to the Sufis, and if I ever figure out how to post a video, I will show you a whirling pug Dervish in action after taking a bath). And finally, there are the Pugbees of Portugal.

The Pugbees have garnered little attention from the mainstream media, but their ranks are growing rapidly. They are known for their strong moral character, their magnificent costumes and their undying devotion to Pug Life Ministries. Under the direction of the charismatic JB, these Pugbees have pledged to defend Pug Life against all enemies, their stingers at the ready.

To learn more about the Pugbees, click here. As of this writing, the site contains photos of three Pugbees -- all majestic, proud, utterly adorable servants of Pug Life. You'll want to scroll to the bottom to see them all. Who knows; perhaps it will inspire you to become a Pugbee. The site also includes a special tribute to a great and wise leader. Pugbees, I salute you. We all salute you.


Tyler said...

The Pugbees have a great site. However, I do not speak Portuguese. :-(

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I don't speak Portuguese, either. But we can still admire the Pugbees' elaborate religious garb.

Tyler said...

True, Ayatollah Mugsy. Oh so true.