Monday, July 09, 2007

Infidels conspire against us

The ministry's headline crisis is over. Praise Allah! But this incident shows how our reliance on the Internet leaves us vulnerable. On a whim, a rogue programmer at Blogger was able to interfere with my sermons. This is unacceptable. Unacceptable, I say! Because the plotters in this conspiracy have not all been identified and dealt with, I am raising the collective hackles of the ministry to Code Red. With the first-ever Pug Life telethon right around the corner, we cannot afford any further disruptions.

Several new security measures are being enacted to ensure that the telethon, tentatively scheduled for July 20, will go off without a hitch. I have diverted fur from our patriotic ribbon program to be used in life-like decoys -- decoys that will be positioned around the ministry, making it impossible for any would-be evildoers to determine my true location. These carefully molded piles of fur have the look and feel of a real pug and will even be dressed in stylish ayatollah attire. The late Saddam Hussein employed a similar strategy to great effect, and I am confident that it will provide another layer of security as the ministry sniffs out those who would do us harm. Be vigilant, my flock.


Pugsley, Buster & Cricket said...

Good grief, what be wrong with that infidel? Apparently he not know who he be dealing with. . .the great Ayatollah!! We are available to provide extra security at your request.

Respectfully submitted, Pugsley, Buster and Cricket

TransplantedOkie said...

Oh your pugness, I am just so joyful that you have, again, circumvented disaster with your sharp wit, keen mind, and stellar sense of smell. It is time to withhold your legendary benevolence and give these infidels what they deserve....the banning of participating in rawhide for the rest of their natural days.

They have only brought it upon themselves.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Bless you, my pugfriends and TransplantedOkie.

James Beauregard daPug said...

"carefully molded piles of fur dressed in stylish attire" - you're a dang genius, Bro. Mugsy.

Your mind goes where no other pug has ever been before. You take sharp wit, keen mind and stellar sense of smell to new heights.

It's awfully damp - I do hope the glue dries.

J. B.