Friday, July 27, 2007

A purr you don't want to hear

I found a story recently that I thought would be of interest to the congregation. It shows that cats, like dogs, are capable of extraordinary feats -- feats that humans cannot even begin to comprehend. Either that, or this feline grim reaper should be taken in for questioning.

Click here to read about Oscar the cat.


Anonymous said...


Suzie said...

I just read your old post "Oklahoma's Finest" and remembered the famous Coney I-Lander. Yes, I grew up in Tulsa and have eaten many a dog there.

James Beauregard duPug said...

M'sisters Rosebud and Gumdrop and I have seen Oscar on TV several times in the past couple of days. In all sincerity, we think he is a bit creepy-looking. He kinda' takes normal kitty-cat aloofness to a new level.

Mama likes cats; she always says a cat's a cat and that's that...but Oscar seems to be more than "that", if you know what I mean?

J. B.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

We are among the lucky ones, Suzie.

I think I do, J.B. One of my best friends was a cat, but old Mookie passed away a couple years back. The other felines I've met, they don't seem to appreciate my pug qualities. Given my good health, I doubt Oscar would, either.