Friday, July 06, 2007

The chain gang

Over the last week or so, I have noticed many stories in the news media about humans chaining themselves to doghouses. The movement seems to have taken hold from coast to coast. The motive: to protest the tethering of dogs. This strikes me as a worthy endeavour. While I can see instances when chaining a canine in the yard would be acceptable -- when you want to do some gardening in the front yard and need the aid of a dog's green paw, for instance -- it is generally to be frowned upon. Allah blessed us with four legs so that we might roam and claim new territory, and being chained up is counter-productive to His intentions.

Many of the humans taking part in these protests made a point of letting their canines run free while they were shackled, and this is a move I whole-heartedly applaud. These humans will find the transition to canine rule under the coming Pugistani theocracy to be much easier than their less-forward-thinking brethren.

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Anonymous said...

Please warn these well-meaning humans to check the doghouse before climbing inside. My outside abode has a colony of pesky ants in it that is seeking shelter from all the wet weather. They have the determination of you, oh great one. I have never been staked out, but I know fellow canines who suffer that fate. I hope they raise awareness.