Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What is this world coming to?

WASHINGTON (AP) – A cargo plane chartered by the Girl Scouts of America was stolen in a daring mid-air hijacking Wednesday, and officials say it vanished without a trace. The massive jet was transporting over 1 million Girl Scout cookies to troops serving in Iraq.

The three crew members, found hanging by their parachutes from a tree in Hampton, Va., said they were forced to jump from the Boeing 747-400 at about 20,000 feet. They were all unharmed.

The crew members said they heard scratching noises on the door leading from the cockpit to the cargo bay, and when the co-pilot went to check on the noise, a team of stocky, black-clad assailants stormed the cockpit.

The pilot, who asked not to be identified because he feared for his life, said he spotted a small red biplane flying dangerously close to the cargo jet shortly before the hijacking occurred.

"I know this sounds crazy," he said, "but it looked like a white beagle was flying the plane."


Anonymous said...

If you find out where they are going to land, I'll bring the milk! We can't let them go to waste!

JMG said...

Is this the doing of the Red Baron? I haven't heard of him in a long time. You wouldn't be friends with Snoopy would you?

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Snoopy has been a hero of mine since his failed presidential bid in 1980. As far as the Red Baron is concerned, I suppose that is for federal investigators to decide. I have no knowledge of this unfortunate incident.