Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mugsy announces contest winners

Happy Valentine's Day, beloved congregants of Pug Life Ministries. As Cupid fires his tasty rawhide arrows, I now present to you the winners of our Valentine's Day Haiku Contest, along with some other notable entries. Thank you to all who submitted poems for this noble endeavor. It was a fine field of entries, and judging was most difficult. The top two finishers may send me their mailing addresses to receive prizes.

"Ayatollah Pug"
Infidel slayer
Barking the word of Allah
With breath of rawhide

Aloft Texas Winds
Hearts Soar With Admiration
Mugsy So Deserves
- Eagle

Such is the Great Mugs
Faithful will even eat bugs
For the love of Mugs
- Gypsy Rose
"The Dream"
Pugistan, Rawhide
Nation, led by fierce Mugsy
From his Dogloo mosque
Infidel Blue Bull
Suffered wrath; pug hung him out
On banana hook
Panty raids lead to
Jailtime conversion, pug once
Bad now enlightened
Italian stallion
humping Venus De Milo
Mugsy arrested
- Nevis
Your heavy breathing
makes you unsuitable for
hide-and-seek, but cute
- Mugsy's Mother
my brother also
makes a very nice pillow
for afternoon naps
- Wendell

Ayatollah, I have a mole-a.
Only you can heal it.
Stike a pose, wave your wand,
and I shall be whole-a...
- Rusty
Ayatollah Mugsy sizzles
rain or shine
plentiful rawhide
jessica simpson
in short mini
Great Mugsy the leader
blesses his flock
hot harem
graces the world
leading the way
- Cleveland


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Sigh ... Why must the infidel make it impossible to get the spacing I want?

Sarah O. said...

I congratulate the winners as well.

And just what is the deal with Blogger spacing, anyway?

Eagle The Pug said...

Wow! This is so exciting. And it didn't require lovey dovey stuff, either! Thanks, Mugsy! I will be emailing you shortly.

Lucy said...

I think Wendell was robbed! Again...

JMG said...

I'm flattered to be chosen for first place! I've never won anything in my whole life. Perhaps I can make a new career out of writing haiku poetry.

Nevis said...

Only..."HONORABLE MENTION"?! Why, you scoundrel! If the concubines rise up against him...the coup could succeed.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I don't know, Sarah O. But Blogger had better get its act together, or it will face my puggish wrath.

Well done, Eagle.

Actually, Lucy, it was Wendell who robbed me of a tasty rawhide bone. And such acts must, of course, be factored into the judging.

Your haikus were most uplifting, JMG.

Such coup talk is precisely why I installed the large trap doors in the harem floor, Nevis.

Nevis said...

Not if you're lying, busily chewing on a rawhide. And I'm pretty sure wendel would assist the concubines with their nefarious plan. I hear how it is that you speak of him...poor, poor neglected and unloved wendel...