Tuesday, February 05, 2008

All ears

Cleanliness holds a special place in canine Islam. This is why I have grudgingly consented to my monthly baths and occasional nail trimmings. And for many years, my cleaning ritual included mother giving a thorough scrubbing to my ears. This was most unpleasant, my flock, and I suspect that she derived a certain sadistic pleasure from it. But thankfully, mother's ear-cleansing ritual is no longer necessary. Ever since Wendell joined our family, my ears have been spotless. The young pug's slender, serpentine tongue has proven capable of reaching every nook and cranny of my silky-smooth auditory appendages. May Allah watch over you, my brother, and may your taste for wax never wane.


Eagle The Pug said...

Truly bizarre once again, that the same services are performed by young Flyer for both Ranger and myself.

And to think I once thought life would be better without another pug in the family.

Sarah O. said...

Clearly, Wendell is a gift from Allah.

Nevis said...

There is something vaugely sexual and deviant about that post. I'm most disturbed.


Anonymous said...

What's odd is that you seem to like it when Wendell cleans your ears, but not when I do.

Sarah S. said...

So, do you clean Wendell's ears? Or is that an act performed only by a subordinate pug?

Please forgive my ignorance as I am still learning canine Islam.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

We are living parallel lives, Eagle. Next, you will tell me that you are saving up for a harem addition.

Praise be to Him, Sarah O.

You sound like you need a good ear-cleansing, Nevis.

What can I say, Mother? He has the magic touch.

No, Sarah S. I never clean Wendell's ears. I am a busy canine cleric with an empire to run, so I do not have time for such menial tasks. Ah, the joys of being the alpha dog ...