Thursday, February 21, 2008

The photos I promised

Last week, I promised to post photos of our canine Valentine's Day party in return for your Valentine's haikus. Unfortunately, we pugs had to leave town unexpectedly last weekend. That left us without access to our computer, and thus, unable to post. But I am a pug of my word. So here, without further adieu, is a brief photo album of our party day.

I meditated with Wendell to prepare him for the upcoming kissing contest. "Focus," I told him. "Let your lips become one with Allah."

The competition was fierce.

Among the competitors was a rabbit, whom Wendell attempted to psych out with his wide-eyed stare.

Unfortunately, Wendell's efforts came up just short. This woman and her little white dog were declared the winners after a long and lusty smooch that made this cleric more than a bit uncomfortable. Notice that they share the same hairdo.

But Wendell continued to practice his craft. "Next time ..." he barked.

And his loss in the kissing contest couldn't spoil our day -- PetCo gave us free canine cookies to decorate. I had planned to list all the members of my harem, but I was told there wasn't enough peanut butter icing.


mindy said...

Frankly I am surprised that a boston didn't win - they are the bestest kissers in the world!!

Nevis said...

Adorable pictures! Ayatollah, you may be a dictator, but you and Wendell are cute!

sarah s. said...

"a long and lusty smooch that made this cleric more than a bit uncomfortable"
Ha! Oh, are too much. Good looks, intelligence AND a keen sense of humor. No wonder the harem waiting list is so long.

sarah s. said...

I'm glad you clarified that was peanut butter. At first glance, I wasn't exactly sure how you and Wendell chose to ice the cookie....

Tatum Tot said...

Wow that looks like fun! And the treats... yum!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ayatollah,

I never start my day without checking your site. You provide infinite entertainment and I absolutely adore you. I want to be a pug myself just to be part of your harem.

Z - human

Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Where are you my husband!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

The Boston was impressive, Mindy. But, like Wendell, he had a touch of stage-fright.

Thank you, Nevis and Sarah S. Fear not, the cookie was halaal.

It was tasty, Tatum Tot.

Bless you, Z.

In Venice, Aine. Ciao!