Saturday, January 27, 2007

Progress, at last

Our fight for canine rights produced some heartening results this week, my enlightened flock. Hot on the heels of news that more and more firefighters are carrying oxygen masks for pets -- a prudent move, in this ayatollah's always-humble opinion -- came a landmark decision in Dallas. The City Council, best known for childish bickering and its ability to make race the central focus of any discussion, finally got something right. Dallas food establishments can now take steps to legally allow dogs on their property. Having a keen interest in food and all things food-related, I have made this one of my pet projects. And so I am most pleased to see my dreams come to fruition. Never again will I dine on a Deep Ellum restaurant patio illegally, in danger of losing my freedom at any second. Praise Allah! I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

But we cannot stop there. Canines are still treated like second-class citizens in far too many areas. So I call on the Dallas City Council to go even further. We canines want to be allowed in all stores, with the exception of Wal-Mart, which the humans can keep for themselves. We want puppy classes to be subsidized by tax dollars, just like public schools for humans. And we demand full voting rights. Make it happen.


Bogart said...

I have already infiltrated my local Los Angeles post offices in the name of progress, and my cute head-tilt has led to several restaurant owners to "allow" me to sit on their patios when there was a "no pets" policy.

I personally believe that the screaming human children should be banned rather than the well-behaved and better-looking canines.

Fight the power!


Anonymous said...

I'm almost convinced to leave my palace in this backwater where dogs aren't embraced and move to what sounds like Mecca--where I wouldn't have to be smuggled into the places I grace my presence with.

As always you continue to lead the way....
Princess Lola

Anonymous said...

Mugsy. My mummy has decided. She is getting your magnets for my 1st b-day party. Long live MUGSY!!

Eagle The Pug said...

Mugsy, it is indeed a great day for the dogs of DFW for now we can eat with dignity with our human counterparts. Recently my mother took me to the Baja Fresh and I was forced to sit outside on the patio with nothing but a few nacho chips and beef strips tossed my way after giving her my pathetic "I'm starving to death over here" face. Now I will be able to dine on real delicacies such as oysters rockafeller, surf and turf, and of course Hooters wings.

I am sure we have both Allah and yourself to thank for this blessing.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Nice work, Bogart. We must fight on.

I do my best, Lola. But for a true canine Mecca, we must establish our own nation.

Happy birthday, Anonymous One! (Or Aine, I'm guessing.) May the rawhide flow freely at your party.

I pray that it is so, Eagle.

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so knowing Mugsey! Yes I was the anon - I forgot to sign my name! either that or the power of the IP gave me away! Puggy kisses!

T-man said...

That's fantastic progress for doggie rights. I'm hoping for the right to sit on my Mom's lap during plane rides so we can travel. She refuses to fly with me because I'd be uncomfortable squished under the seat.


PS: Don't forget to delete Justin's comment! He's evil.

jan said...

Dogs in high places...let it be. They should be allowed in restaurants, but never in purses. Voting? Most dogs have more sense than humans so give them the vote.