Sunday, January 21, 2007

Giving back to the community

On Saturday night, I attended a fundraiser for St. Philip's School in Dallas. I felt it was my duty as a community leader to do my part for America's youths. The St. Philip's Web site says the school's mission includes "providing the strongest possible academic background and the richest possible academic experience," as well as "providing access to an excellent education for children including those for whom such access would not otherwise be possible financially." So it was a noble undertaking and just the sort of cause I am happy to champion. Oh, and did I mention that the event was called "An Evening with Dave Chappelle & Friends"?

Yes, it was time to take a break from the deadly-serious business of leading the world's largest interfaith, interspecies ministry and enjoy a few hours of levity. Chappelle was very funny and quite a storyteller. In fact, I dare say he is a genius. The event's other headliner was Erykah Badu. Going into the evening, I knew little about the singer -- only that she lived in Dallas and shared my impeccable taste in headwear. But I enjoyed her performance as well, even if she didn't call me on stage. It was nice to be able to let my beard down and take a brief respite from the troubles that have plagued the ministry in recent weeks. And, of course, there were the children. Yes, we mustn't forget them. For they are some of the city's best and brightest. Someday, God willing, they will play a key role in the Pugistani government. If the puppies are our future leaders, these children are the puppies' future top assistants. That I was able to aid their education made the evening that much more special. As Dave Chappelle said: "It just looks like I'm telling dirty jokes. Really, I'm buying books."

As I rode home after the show, I received a very important phone call, offering a very important piece of information. As I write this, an unmarked ARF automobile is on its way to pick me up. And by the time you read this, after it is auto-posted two hours from now, I will have reached my destination. God willing, I will survive this night and return to tell you more.


Winston said...

Oh Great One,
I am dying to find out the situation there. I only wish that you would enentually allow me to lead the pug brigade on a noble charge, kinda like Pickett did.

Good luck,
The Grand Duke

Cubby said...

Stay strong!