Monday, December 04, 2006

Travel blog updated

I have updated my travel blog with photos from my recent trip to Rome, and I invite you to take a break from your rigorous religious instruction and have a look. Click here to visit The Ayatollah's Travels.


Winston said...

Oh Great One,
I need you to please issue a fatwa. While I understand that we must respect all religions I was hoping that you would agree that nothing is more irritating than having every other song on the radio be a stupid Christmas song (especially stupid new Christmas songs by mediocre country singers). Please issue a fatwa limiting Christmas music play time to the week immediatley before Christmas.

Your Humble Servant,
The Grand Duke

Moe the Welshie said...

Wonderful pictures Mugsy--looks like you had a great trip!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

As a Muslim canine, I do not yet have the authority to regulate Christmas, Winston. Perhaps you should take this up with Pope Pius Pug or Wal-Mart.

Thank you, Moe. I did, indeed.

Leslee said...

I'm glad your travels were both fun and safe!

rpm said...

Wow, Tollah Mugsy, I love seeing the pictures from your trip. Did you find a hidden passage from Vatican City to the Castel Sante Angelo?

Tigersan said...

That Tiber is COOL COOL COOL!

... cool :)

Chelsea said...

You happened to be in Rome just when Tom and Katie got married?

Are you sure you aren't a paparazzi??
Be careful and don't get punched out


Anonymous said...

Oh Great One - I was wondering -what do you want for xmas? Since you have everything what could a Pug like you want? Aine(still very sad for not being picked for Mugsy's herem)

Winston said...

Oh Great One,
What's a Harem?? Can I be in it???

The Grand Duke

T-man said...

What a fun trip, and educational too! I need to make a visit there sometime.

I enjoyed seeing your Paris pictures because they reminded me of my one-day trip there several years ago. Of course, with poodles being the national dog of France, I should have stayed longer to show my appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mugsy, you are so cute when you pose with a headless statue.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Thank you, Leslee.

The pope didn't show me a hidden passage, RPM, but it looked like there was one in plain view. I'm not sure if that is what it was, though. There is what appears to be a raised walkway that looks like it runs all the way from the Vatican to Castel Sant'Angelo. It has arches for cars to pass underneath at the streets that it runs through.

I would have had pictures of the wedding, Chelsea, but the Scientologists wouldn't allow photography.

Rawhide is always a safe bet, Aine. And please do not take it as a rejection. When you are a bit older, perhaps it would be more appropriate for you to join my harem. You are a fetching young pug.

Winston, I think it would be best for you to start your own harem.

Thank you, mother.