Friday, December 15, 2006

Mugsy enters rehab

This is Mallard, the ayatollah's aide-de-camp. Mugsy is going to be away from his blogging station for a while, but he asked me to post a statement. He said it was important that you hear the news here first. Here is Mugsy's statement:

On Thursday evening, I entered a rehab facility for treatment of substance abuse. Leading the world's largest interfaith, interspecies ministry is a gargantuan task, and in recent months I have been under a tremendous amount of stress. Over the last few days, I reached something of a breaking point. I was pushed over the edge by my negative blog review on and a trip to Wal-Mart in which I went to the "Speedy, 10 Items or Less Lane" and had to wait while the woman in front of me bought 45 stuffed animals. In my distressed state, not even my imported Italian Biscroks could console me. So I sought solace in my addictions. I hope that you will be patient as I work through these issues of substance abuse. Only by overcoming my weaknesses can I prove myself worthy of the mantle of leadership.


Anonymous said...

We will miss you so much! Please keep us posted on your recovery 12 step path and please have Mallard update us often.

The holiday season will just not be the same without your spiritual guidance!


Sarah O. said...

Oh no!

Please realize that the frog reviewer made a horrible mistake, as did the dodo in the Wal-Mart checkout line.

These people need your spiritual guidance.

As does my lab who's in rehab for her Greenie addiction.

T-man said...

Ayatollah, we support you 100% in whatever you need to do at this time. Your loyal congregation will be awaiting your return.

Try to have a Merry Pug-mas anyway. I'm sure you can kick this addiction.

Now, I'm going to chew up my stuffed frog. I hope that makes you feel better :)


Rabbi Jake said...

That Frog was mean! I think your suppporters came to your defense with clear and concise observations.Regarding your addictions, I know that you have a strong inner strength and that you will overcome any problems. We are on your side!! Call if I can be of service.

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Zeus said...

Mugsy, I can completely relate. I felt the same way when the frog frogged all over me. However, one person's opinion does not equate to the entire web. It is clear to me that you have many people who understand what it is you are doing here. As a writer, I commend you. Don't change a thing.

I had done this prior to reading this, but you are one of my blog crushes for 2006. I hope you have time while in rehab to check it out.