Sunday, December 10, 2006

My brother

Good day to you, beloved zealots of Pug Life. I hope that Allah has been smiling upon you. He was surely smiling upon me a few days ago when he blessed me with a new brother, if only for a few hours. Let me now tell you the story. I had just emerged from my monthly bath, so naturally I wanted nothing more than to run wild circles in the back yard and rub my newly clean fur in the leaves. I was doing just that, working off my pent-up bathtime energy, when I heard a faint yap. Across the street stood a tiny white dog, his fur matted and slightly dirty. I halted my whirling-dervish routine and went with my parents to check on this little fellow. It only took a biscuit to lure him to us, and we soon found that he was wearing no collar, no tag.

My mother took this poor street dog inside the ayatollah compound while my father and I looked around for a human caretaker. We saw only a band of roving street urchins, who promptly ran when they spotted us. Using my highly trained sniffing skills, I tracked them to their back yard, just up the creek from our house. We interrogated the urchins and found that they had no knowledge of the canine's home, although they did say they had seen him out wandering the day before. After warning the little scamps not to disturb my neighborhood markings or seek to outdo them, I brought my father back to the house to check on the young fellow. Upon closer inspection, we determined that he was, in fact, a he. And a maltese, as well, we suspected. He was eager to eat and drink, and so being a charitable ministry, we obliged him.

My mother went out to see if she could find any signs posted related to this maltese, while I began to speak to him to try to find some answers. At first, he appeared a bit scared. Although I am no large dog, I positively dwarfed him. And he was no doubt intimidated by my commanding presence. But he soon warmed to me, and we took turns chasing each other in the back yard. Afterward, we went back inside to study the Quran.

My mother's search for the rightful caretaker bore no fruit, and we began to think that this charming pup might need a new home. I contemplated this -- was I ready to have a brother? Was I willing to share my rawhide? I believe the answer was yes on both counts. "You will need a name," I told my new brother, whose language skills were not as developed as mine. "I think we will call you Caligula -- Cal, for short."

Well, to make a long story no longer than it needs to be, Cal did not become my permanent roommate. My parents found his caretakers later that evening, in a house not far from my own. But Cal, if you are reading this, know that you will always be my brother.


Pappy's Fella said...

A handsome fellow, bearing a striking but miniaturized resemblance to Pappy's Texas Uncle Fred. Must be something in the water down there.

We're traveling down to Dallas to meet up with Fred over the holidays, and were wondering if you have any indoctrination centers convenient to the Katy Trail? Sadly, Pappy has to stay home and guard the manse.

Anonymous said...

Holy Mugsey is the Patriot Pug of Lost Animals! Well, of the four legged canine kind. :)

Btw Mugsey - I will have to give you a cyper rawhide becuase I do not know the compounds address. Also my mummy won't let me go near any rawhide. She says it is the devils candy. Also it would hurt my girlish figure.

Thank you for the comment about the herem - what is the minimum age for joining? Aine

Moe the Welshie said...

Rawhide shared is double the rawhide--or so I try to convince my sister all the time. Sounds like you've found a new neighbor to convert at any rate.

Zeus said...

I think Cal is better off for having found you and your mother, Mugsy. To think what would have happened to him had he been left defenseless against the terrors of the street - especially those urchins! You and your family have kind, loving souls.

Justin said...
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Sarah O. said...

Ayatollah, I have reason to believe that your brother was beamed down to learn more about your power on this planet.

You doubt me? Have you not noticed his unearthly green eyes?

rpm said...

Oh, that is a beautiful white maltie...not as beautiful as you though...if he shows up again, maybe you should keep him anyway.

T-man said...

What a happy ending! I'm always happy when doggies reunite with their families (I hope they will take better care that he doesn't get lost again?) You were very kind to introduce him to the Quran too. I'm sure you made a lasting impression.


PS: Please delete the post from Justin. His link will cause your blog to get messed up. It's happened to other doggie's blogs.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Real estate is too expensive down there, Pappy. Our offering-plate revenues would have to pick up significantly before we could open an indoctrination center there. But enjoy your trip to Big D.

I like my harem ladies to be at least 2 1/2, Aine. If they were any younger, I would be afraid that I was the target of a Dateline sting.

Nice approach, Moe. I will have to try that the next time I visit Sister Bella.

Do not even get me started on those urchins, Zeus, ...

You may be on to something, Sarah O.

We found his big brother wandering the streets a few days later and returned him home, RPM. Perhaps if we find little Caligula again, we will keep him.

Thank you for the tip, T-Man. Someone recently hijacked my MySpace page and had it directing visitors to some infidel's site. Can they do the same thing to Blogspot pages?