Friday, March 17, 2006

A+ work

I commend the small but studious fraction of you who took the time to do your homework assignments. It was a job well done. Unfortunately, I don't have enough material to fill even the first page of my Nobel Prize campaign brochure. Perhaps it was not meant to be.


Brody the Bulldog said...

Sorry for the delay - the movie execs couldn't make up their minds on the script, but now they've finally settled on a final version. I've posted a synopsis of my 'Mugsy saves Brody' story on my blog - Check it out!

Hope you like!

Brody the Bulldog

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I will check it out now. Thanks, Bro.

Anonymous said...

Rabbi Jake was attending a Spring Break retreat, but offers the following for late consideration:
I was busily preparing for the onslaught of visitors my annual Fall Canine Friendship Conference in Oklahoma. Our most prominent visitor was to be the Ayatollah Mugsy. We had been acquaintances since puppyhood. Notice I did not say friends, for my insecurities and distrust of anyone outside my immediate family made our first few visits truly uncomfortable for all. After all, he was the street-smart pup from the Dallas ghetto and I was a na├»ve little ball of fur. But time had mellowed my distrust, and Mugsy and I developed a relationship of mutual respect. The Pug Ministries ARF (Armed Revolutionary Forces) warned me that there had been an increase in chatter among forces that might threaten our conference. ARF even suggested that an assassination plot against me was possible. I took the news lightly, but the ARF manned all entrances and sniff-checked all guests. At the end of the first day, I needed some quiet, meditative time. A solitary walk around the area lakes was perfect. The full moon made the path easy to follow and I stopped to check pee-mail every few yards. As I approached a wooded area, I was startled by a swooshing noise from overhead. I whipped around in time to see three large shadows sail across the face of the moon. A large Canadian goose hit me broadside and I tumbled down the slope to the edge of the lake. Before I could spring to my feet, the geese had pinned me to the ground. One hissed “Death to America and to Jewish canines.” I have had several scuffles with geese, but these were no ordinary geese. They silently worked in unison to tie my legs like a rodeo calf. I realized that they intended for me to swim with the fishes. As the geese started to push my bound body toward the lake, I heard a rustling noise. A lightning-fast streak of fawn colored fur emerged from the bushes. It was Ayatollah Mugsy in full BatPug attire. He immediately grabbed one of the geese by the neck. The other two geese abandoned me and focused on the intruder, squawking and hissing. Feathers flew everywhere. The din alerted Brody and the rest of the ARF at their entrance posts. By the time the ARF arrived, Mugsy had all three geese pinned to the ground. ARF personnel untied me and I limped up the bank as other ARF forces marched the three geese away. Mugsy had disappeared. I next saw him at his morning prayers and tried to thank him, but he only smiled. I never knew what happened to the assassins; but noted that the food pantry at Pug Life Ministries was able to feed a record number of indigent families that Thanksgiving.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Rabbi Jake, I thank you for your excellent submission. I'm going to post it with the other stories so that everyone can marvel at my fictional bravery.

Now that you and Brody have jumped into the mix, my Nobel candidacy has been reborn.

Tyler said...

Oh, great one. Perhaps I am too late to help your cause, as folks have been hogging the computer and not letting me read up on my buddies. But know I am sending you good mojo for you on this journey to recognition of your noble and heroic deeds.