Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Operation Deep Cover

The international uproar over Bella's liberation from Mexican authorities shows no sign of abating. So rather than continuing to feign ignorance of this operation, I believe it is time for Pug Life Ministries to embrace its role. Yes, it was the Armed Revolutionary Forces (ARF) that liberated Bella. And thanks to their fighting prowess and professionalism, we were able to keep collateral damage to a minimum. I will make no apologies for our incursion onto Mexican soil. Bella is a longtime member of Pug Life, and it is our sacred duty to oversee her rehabilitation. Although the Mexican government continues to protest, this mission was a noble action. We should celebrate its success and our ARF troops' continued excellence under Supreme Commander Brody.

But this operation would not have been possible without the contributions of one Pug Lifer in particular. Given the proper intelligence, ARF is capable of succeeding in any mission. But finding a tiny Chihuahua in the vast Mexican countryside, well, that's no small feat. That is why I would like to present the Medal of Valor to Momo the Pug. Momo single-pawedly tracked down Bella. She went undercover, blending in with the Mexican population to gather intelligence and conduct surveillance. Momo was able to sniff out Bella's hideout and infiltrate the gang, allowing her to arrange the sting operation that led to Bella's capture. Neither a vicious gang nor the threat of Montezuma's revenge could stand in this courageous pug's way.

Momo's bravery will go down in Pug Life lore. Puppies will marvel at her exploits; obedience schools will bear her name. Let us all salute Momo, the undercover pug.


Brody the Bulldog said...

Yes - Special Agent Momo - you are an A1 K9. You're cunning is only surpassed by your hideous warface. It is an honor to have served with you in this last operation. On behalf of A.R.F. - Thank you and Congratulations.

Brody the Bulldog
Supreme Commander of A.R.F.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Momo!!

Leslee said...

I LOVE cute little black pugs!

Anonymous said...

Please give Momo extra rawhide chews and keep us up-to-date on Bella's recovery. Hurray for Momo and Supreme Commander Brody! Praise be to Allah!