Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mugsy makes cryptic quasi-announcement

I have an important announcement to make, my flock. Unfortunately, it will have to wait. I am pressed for time and must get to a meeting regarding salmonella levels in the Ayatollah Mugsy Scout cookies. Do not worry; my scientists tell me the cookies should be perfectly fine for human consumption. Please check back later for this major announcement regarding high-stakes espionage, the U.S. government and Sister Bella.


Anonymous said...

My husband, is that why Mugsey II is urping all over the place? Poor wee puppeh.

Oh is this secret about SIster Bella being in the Oliver Stone 'w' move as Condi Rice?

*opps!* did I just say that?


Nevis said...


Sarah O. said...

I await your full announcement with bated breath!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I know nothing of this Mugsey II you speak of, or of Sister Bella's acting career. This is much more important -- a matter of national security.

Be sure to buy some cookies when the Ayatollah Mugsy Scouts come to your door, Nevis.

Bless you, Sarah O.