Monday, April 16, 2007

The sights and scents of my weekend

It was a busy weekend at the ayatollah compound. A pair of human houseguests came from out of state to visit. Alas, they did not bring their canine daughter, the alluring Shelby. But they did bring her sumptuous scent on their jeans, a fact that did not escape my well-honed sniffer. On Saturday, we went to see Body Worlds at the Museum of Science and Nature in Dallas. For those unfamiliar with the exhibit, it features "plastinated" bodies posed in various states and sometimes dissected, bisected, sliced and diced. The plastic preserves the tissue. Our houseguests, being in the medical field, found it to be quite interesting. I, being a canine imam, found it to be more than a bit creepy. And on our subsequent trip to North Park Mall, I could not help but look at the store mannequins in a different light. But overall, I suppose it was an enlightening experience. If you would like to donate your body for a future exhibit, you may sign up here.

Afterward, we played Trivial Pursuit, a game in which I am always victorious. The secret is (and I tell you this in confidence): If I start to fall behind, I either ransack the playing board in a fit of puggish enthusiasm or I eat one of my foes' pieces.


TransplantedOkie said...

I shall try to remember your strategy; although, I fear that I cannot pull off pugish enthusiasm in quite the same manner.

Have you played Apples to Apples? My little one tells me it is the latest rage up in SOONER NATION (aka Norman, OK).

Sarah O. said...

I've seen Body Worlds twice. The first time because I wanted to, the second time under considerable duress.

As I recall, some plasticized bones were visible. Ayatollah, was that a good thing for you?

Anonymous said...

What is this? WHO IS THIS SHELBY?As your favorite concubine - how could you DO THIS TO ME!?!?

on a non-jealous note... will you donate your bodatious body to be plasticized?

signed - a very upset harem wife - Aine

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I have not played that game, TransplantedOkie. Have I grown out of touch with my Sooner Nation? I pray it isn't so.

I tried to resist the temptation, Sarah O. Some acts are just not socially acceptable. Yet.

Now, now, Aine. You know I do not play favorites with my concubines. But if you really wish to know more about Shelby, I believe I have written about her a few times and even posted a photo or two. You might not want to pick a fight with her; she is ... a large woman, to say the least. I will not be donating my body.