Thursday, April 05, 2007

A champion is crowned

The brackets have been checked and re-checked, and it is now time to announce the winner of the inaugural Pug Life Ministries NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge. And the winner is ... me! Here are the top 10 finishers:

1. Ayatollah Mugsy
2. Braxton
3. Buster
4. Winston Pugsworth
5. Pugaleeto
6. Winston Pugg
7. Magsters
8. Pugsley Ann & Milo
9. Mr. Pugsley
10. Peanut

To finish first in such a knowledgeable and spiritually aware field is an accomplishment I will treasure always. I would, of course, like to thank God first and foremost. As anyone who has watched a victory speech knows, He always takes sides in competitions, be they sporting events, elections or beauty pageants. That He chose me as His teammate over all the other competitors is a great honor, though not particularly surprising.
Since I won, the grand prize will go to Braxton, who finished a close second after correctly picking all of the Final Four teams. Well done, my furry protege. And well done to the rest of you as well. Thanks to all who participated.

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