Friday, August 04, 2006

Not to be left out ...

Let it be noted that I have seen Suri Cruise. She is the single most beautiful child to ever crawl this Earth. Allah must have spent weeks sculpting her stunning features and perfectly shaped head. At only 3 months old, she possesses the most enchanting, alluring eyes known to man or pug. Wherever she goes, the storm clouds part, and an aura of pure white glows above her silky hair. She needs no diaper, for she was born fully potty-trained. And she never cries; instead, she sings. Her angelic voice is like no other, and it is always accompanied by an unseen harp. Yes, friends, I have seen little Suri, with a fringe on top.


William John Gavin said...


You may have seen the divine Suri, but I took her out for ice cream. Let it be known that Billy was first, because Democracy always wins.


William John Gavin
Awesome Dog Extraordinaire

Pippin the flyball dog said...


Don't listen to Billy--in the name of his "missions", he sometimes fibs.

But, tell us more about Suri and how you got to see her. You know, I've been reading the neighborhood news--sniffing high on trees and low on hostas to find out something, anything about Baby Suri. I even took a nibble from a People magazine my people had laying around, but no news until I read your post.


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Welcome to the congregation, my canine friends.


You want to know more about Suri, Pippin? I have already revealed many of the wonders, but perhaps I can think of another fact or two to sate your Suri appetite. Let me think ... Oh, yes. As I recall, when Tom Cruise picked up his perfect child and put her over his shoulder to burp her, she belched forth a cloud of fragrant rose petals. True story, my friend. Just ask William John Gavin.