Saturday, August 12, 2006

My genius prevails

My mother tried to stump me tonight with a scavenger hunt. She hid dog biscuits around the living room for me to find. She thought she was being really sneaky, too. She must have been rather disappointed when I made quick work of her little mental exercise. Come on, mother. I memorized the Quran in a single sitting. I can certainly sniff out a few biscuits. But don't let that dissuade you from trying again.


Anonymous said...

Supreme one,
Congratulations on quickly finding the treats! I too play this game with my humans. Beware, for as all good teachers know (and your Mom is very bright), you start with something that all students can have success. I predict treats hidden under rugs, on chairs and in pockets will be coming up soon. Happy snacking! Rabbi Jake

Anonymous said...

I consider that a challenge, son.

eagle the pug said...

My mother's friends from Philadelphia were visiting, and they played a similar game with me. Their version entailed me digging through their backpack to locate the snacks they had brought with them for their flight to Texas. Very clever to hide those cheddar goldfish in one of the side pockets.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I have played that game with house guests, too, Eagle. But I find that they usually hide their underwear from me. Not wanting to disappoint them, I always play along.

Bring it on, Mother. The good rabbi has warned me of your stratagem.

Eagle The Pug said...

I overheard my mother's friend ask her if I was known for stealing socks, and my mother indicated yes. Apparently a pair of socks went missing from her suitcase, and this time, instead of leaving them strewn about the house so they are easily found, I came up with a most excellent hiding place which my mother, despite her diligent search efforts, has yet to discover.