Saturday, August 02, 2008

Garage sale: The chicken dance

We have just sold a set of glassware. After some tense negotiations, we agreed to go from $3 to $2. This latest pair of ladies was accompanied by two children, who found our stuffed chicken that dances and plays the chicken dance to be immensely entertaining. Unfortunately, the elders did not take notice. For only $2, they could have given their children a lifetime of laughs. But they instead chose to ignore the cheers of pure joy and herded their now heartbroken girls back into their pickup truck.

We know who won't be winning Pug Life's Parent of the Year Award.


Anonymous said...

Those parents missed a great international learning experience for their kinder. If they ever go to Germany, it is a must that you know the chicken dance during Fasching celebrations. What a pity. R.J.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

This is true, R.J. 'Twas truly a pity. Their children probably don't even know how to wear dirndl or lederhosen.

Nevis said...

What are parent's coming to, these days?