Friday, August 15, 2008

Bad news for Pugistan?

BEIJING (AP) -- One of the leading gold-medal contenders for the upstart Pugistani Olympic delegation was rumored to be ailing Friday, a day ahead of his bid to win the 100-meter dash.

An undated photo showing 1-year-old sprinter Wendell with a cone around his neck appeared in China's state-run media Friday. It was reported that Wendell may have had a minor foot injury that could keep him from competing. The pug, known for his blazing speed, had been considered the top challenger to American Tyson Gay in the event.

The Pugistani Olympic Committee, led by the enigmatic Ayatollah Mugsy, declined to comment. But experts said Wendell's medal hopes could take a big hit if he isn't fully healed by race time.

"I've got major concerns for Wendell," said Carl Lewis, a former track star and 10-time Olympic medalist. "That cone would severely impact his aerodynamic profile."


sarah s. said...

Oh, Wendell! Your sad expression pains me greatly. Are you at liberty to discuss your injury?

Benjamin said...

I am sending healing energy to Wendell, I sure hope he can perform. GO WENDELL!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendell, Our hope rests in you. Can the Ayatollah do some healing licking on you? Rabbi Jake

Ippo said...

Aawww all the best.
I have high hopes for this olympic!

Anonymous said...

I thought canine saliva has some medicinal enzyme to it ? Wendell i hope you get well soon. Theres another time... albeit 4 years from now..


Nevis said...

Aww...poor Wendy!