Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Outside looking in

Hi, all. Wendell here again. Mugsy and I are out in the back yard -- thank God for wireless Internet. It looks like we may be stuck here till the appliance repairman leaves. Like Mugsy says, how is the guy going to fix our oven properly without us standing two feet away to bark nonstop guidance? I think father's making a big mistake ...


Anonymous said...

I agree. I am an expert barker of instructions,as you know. How can your human be so foolish? Wait until he gets the bill! Rabbi Jake

JMG said...

My dogs feel the same way about that sort of thing. Always have to supervise. And they seem to think that I can't go to the bathroom without supervision. What is it about you dogs?

sarah s. said...

Wendell, you are just so cute I'm having a hard time concentrating on your words! No disrespect intended, of course.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you wendell. I would like to request more photos of you. You are too cute!


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug said...

Hellow Darling Wendell, it is I AIne, #1 Concubine.

Now that the Harem and I are back from a much needed Spa Vacation, I would like to know when you will posting pictures of our dear Mugsy with his sexy surgery scars.

Btw darling Wendell, make sure you stop by the Harem for a sippy cup night cap. :) Aine

Flyer The Pug said...

Good news, Mugsy (or Wendell, whichever one of you reads this first)!

My mother has finally figured out how to upload a video to youtube and you can now view us swimming by visiting our blog. The only problem is she used her digital camera so there's no audio which means you don't get the full effect with Eagle barking at us, but regardless, watching me swim is pretty incredible nonetheless.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Amen, Rabbi Jake.

You humans do it all wrong, JMG. That's no way to mark territory.

I get that a lot, Sarah S.

We recently had an excellent photoshoot, Z. Stay tuned.

Mugsy told me to get my own harem, Aine.

I'm on my way, Flyer. My parents think I might be the swimming type, but they haven't taken me to a pool yet. Mugsy steers clear of the water.

- Wendell