Friday, June 06, 2008

Mugsy praises court ruling

Let it be known that I commend the enlightened nation of Norway for its Supreme Court's stance on canine civil rights. In a landmark ruling handed down yesterday, the court said that police dogs are public servants, so any attack on a police dog is no different than an attack on a human officer. This common-sense ruling was long overdue, and it should be emulated the world over. Every day, brave canines risk their lives to police the unruly human population. We track down fugitives, sniff out bombs and chat with would-be child predators online to ensnare them, in concert with Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator (what -- did you think Chris Hanson did all that work by himself?). And in return, we ask only for food and water and perhaps, God willing, an occasional belly rub.

Norway's ruling came in the case of Casper the police dog, who chased down a loathsome burglar when his human handlers could not keep up. The thief kicked and punched Casper, but Casper would not back down. Like any dedicated police dog, he collared the perp.

Casper, a proud canine nation salutes you. The next doughnut is on us.


Joe Shippert said...

O wise Ayatollah, please pray for Pogo, a very sick pug at the hospital, who recently endured major surgery to correct a congenital life-threatening condition, and who is currently struggling to maintain her blood pressure.

As a sign of my faith, I just had my wife donate my entire earnings for this year. Unfortunately, I am a student and make no money, so she generously added one dollar to the pot.

Thank you.

sarah s. said...

That's it. I'm moving to Norway!

(Here's hoping that next doughnut actually makes it to Casper....)

Ann said...
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Sarah O. said...

Norway rocks!

Also, I like the new header font. Which has probably been there for months and I'm just now noticing it.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

My prayers go out to Pogo, Joe. And Wendell's as well.

Best of luck in your new Norwegian home, Sarah S.

The header is new, Sarah O. It was a gift from Pancho the mutt. I finally got around to upgrading to blogger's new html, so I'm making a few changes.

Nevis said...

I would move to Noraway but it's too cold and they eat too much fish.