Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The escape artist

Ever since Wendell and I toured Alcatraz a couple of weeks ago, the young pug has been obsessed with prison breaks. The audio tour on the old island penitentiary details some of the many attempts to escape the harsh, windswept island. And even though none of them were known to be successful, these inmate plots captured Wendell's imagination. So he has been working diligently to escape from the back yard.

He at first targeted the compound's most vulnerable defenses -- the wrought-iron fence. It runs on one side of the yard to allow views of the neighborhood creek and its fountains, but the bars have ample space for the slender pup to slip through, or under. After witnessing an early attempt, mother put up black mesh all along the fenceline to keep Wendell in, along with some barriers along the gate to keep him from burrowing underneath. But Wendell, his puggish genius manifesting itself at an early age, still managed to escape. Father recently found him on the other side of the fence. He called the pup, wondering how on earth he'd managed to break free. Wendell then proceeded to leap high over the fence barrier and through the bars, displaying uncanny athleticism. With his lanky build, an NBA future surely awaits.
After further fortifications, the iron bars finally appeared to outmatch young Wendell. But as his marathon Mugsy-tail-chewing sessions have shown, he is nothing if not determined. Today, he gave us the biggest scare yet. Wendell was eagerly scratching at the door, so father let him out and went to put on his shoes. Mere seconds later, as father and I went to check on Wendell, he was gone. We went to the front of the house to see if he was somewhere near the fence, but we saw no sign of him. We called out, even yelling the "B" word -- biscuit! -- but again, nothing.
So father and I returned to the back yard to look for signs of Wendell. Finally, I heard a rustling in the corner of the yard. Wendell, covered in mud and dirt, had managed to trap himself between our wooden fence and a large bush in the neighbor's yard. We have still not determined how he got there, but it must have required a contortionist feat that would have done Harry Houdini proud.
Needless to say, Wendell is currently under house arrest.


Nan and B.A.G.S. the pug -aka Aine said...

AS WELL HE SHOULD BE!!! My Husband - how could you and Father-in-Law be SO careless about the harem's new "it" boy, Wendell?? I ASK YOU?!

Luckily for moi, I am constantly waited and watch on by paw and paw. As it should be!

Sarah O. said...

Under all other circumstances, I would launch a mighty "FREE WENDELL!" campaign. In this case, however, I must agree with the ayatollah's divine wisdom.

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Obviously the novice has a long way to go before he gains infinite wisdom. Glad he is okay.

Four Pugz

p.s. You may want to consider a ball and chain also.

Eagle, Ranger & Flyer's Mom said...

We've had similar problems with all three dogs coming up with clever ways to escape the fenced in backyard. It would seem an Airedale is quite clever at unlatching gates, but that's nothing a carabiner through the gate latch lock hole can't fix.

The other day they were clever enough to find a door that wasn't closed securely and went for a neighborhood romp. Fortunately they all stuck together and when I went tearing up the street after them, they returned to their homestead at the offer of "treats".

Good luck with Wendell, those little pugs can be determined!!

James Beauregard daPug said...

When M'sister Rosebud was a young pug, she ran out the front door one freezing cold, windy January night around midnight and took off down the street.

Poor Mama was in bed with the flu but she jumped up and chased old Rosebud in her nightgown screaming, "Hamburger."

Rosebud slowed down enough for Mama to catch her...but then Mama had to carry her app. a half a block back to our house.

Please tell Wendell to cool it. From now through Christmas UPS and FedEx will be speeding through everyone's neighborhood...and no pug can resist chasing those noisy trucks. On another occasion, M'sister Rosebud almost caught one.

J. B.