Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mugsy demands apology

An attorney challenging the authority of the city's police chief in Fostoria, Ohio, wants the department's police dog to appear in court as an exhibit, because he says the dog and the chief have criminal justice degrees from the same online school. The issue gives "one pause, if not paws, for concern" about what it takes to get the degrees from the school based in the Virgin Islands, Gene Murray wrote in a court document filed Monday. Both police Chief John McGuire and Rocko, who is listed as John I. Rocko on his diploma, are graduates of Concordia College and University, according to copies of diplomas that are part of Murray's motion.

Frankly, I find this attorney's insinuation insulting. And as a leading civil rights leader, I feel it is my duty to demand an apology on behalf of Rocko. I finished at the top of my class at PetSmart and at my madrassas in Pakistan and Yemen. And in doing so, I had to work twice as hard as the humans to overcome the widespread bias against canines. This police dog should be commended for his accomplishments in higher education, not subjected to ridicule and baseless suspicion.


Winston said...

Here here Oh Great One!!!
Comments like this are an insult and belittle my PhD in human manipulation that I received from St. Regis University for $4.99. I earned the degree that I received for "life experience." The insinuation that they would mail such a degree to any puggy that can afford to pay their nominal fee is an insult and makes me wish I could spit. I shall now go and stew.

The Grand Duke

Pappy's Fella said...

Sadly, St. Regis is outta business. But if you cut one down, will not another spring up to take its place?