Friday, March 16, 2007

Holy land in the making

I have exciting news, my ebullient flock. After much deliberation, the ministry's one-pug site-selection committee has chosen a location for the Dogloo compound. It is the perfect spot for this architectural wonder-to-be. We will have easy access to a major highway, to accommodate the never-ending throng of pilgrims. And we will be within 40 minutes or so of the region's two major airports.

Yes, my flock, our dream now has an address -- on Rawhide Court. Has a name ever fit so perfectly? Now we have only to take care of a few minor details, such as procuring the land and funding construction. A couple hundred homes and a pair of school campuses will have to be razed to make way for the Dogloo compound, and this may arouse a faint protest. But as anyone who has made an omelet knows, this is the price of progress. Are pilgrims likely to trek to a suburban schoolhouse five centuries hence? Of course not; it would probably not be standing by then anyway. Yet the Dogloo compound will stand for millennia upon millennia, an eternal beacon of hope and salvation for Pug Lifers everywhere. My tail wags just thinking about it. Allahu akbar!


Boomer said...

Praise Allah, a place to worship! Thank you Ayatollah!

James Beauregard daPug said...

Mama had a lapse, Bro. Mugsy. She said her first thought (I guess in, like, 60 years!) was the theme from the TV show "Rawhide"..."keep them doggies movin', RAWHIDE!!)

Boomer says he wants a place to worship (and I do too, OF COURSE!) but shopping is also important. Will there be some big malls and fancy restaurants on Rawhide Dr.?

Oh, and, how's about one of those nice trains? You know how Mama is about the traffic in your neck of the woods.

J. B.

Eagle The Pug said...

Will there be a special clinic or counseling center for your brethren that might have a problem with say .. panty raiding? You see, I've discovered that a certain Airedale puppy that I know (I won't reveal his name here as I don't want him appearing on the front page of a tabloid) seems to have a thing for stealing underwear, and this vision of yours could turn out to be the ideal place for him to be trained in the ways of Allah and to forgo the sins of a puppy. It's my understanding that you might have umm .. experience .. in the laying on of paws in order to rid a fellow canine of such a naughty vice?

Bogart said...

Ah it will be wonderful to know exactly which way to bow down towards at last...


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Thank you for your continued support, Boomer. We are entering a golden age for canine Muslims.

I am working on the plans as we bark, James Beauregard. I think you will be pleased.

We will offer a range of counseling services, Eagle. I left you a message regarding your specific ... hypothetical situation.

Indeed, Bogart. Indeed.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased you have found your promised land, my friend. May the winds of good fortune blow your way. Rabbi Jake

Leslee said...