Monday, February 26, 2007

A mighty wind

Good morning, denizens of Pug Life. Today, I must tell you about a mighty wind. A mighty, relentless wind that some of you in this part of the country may have encountered over the weekend. The sky was a disturbing shade of brown as unending gusts battered the ayatollah compound, shearing trees and toppling basketball goals. This dust bowl was like something from The Grapes of Wrath. And truth be told, I strongly considered packing the family up in a jalopy and heading for California. Why did I stay? Because I feared the jalopy would be blown off the road.

We began to hear noises on the roof. One, then another. The electricity flickered on and off. Then we heard a crash. "I must go check on this," I barked, as I tethered my leash to a sturdy indoor object to avoid going airborne. Once outside, I meandered around debris and peered up at the roof. Sections of shingles were peeling away like the lid of a sardine can. "This is not good," I barked to myself as I rushed back inside. After placing a call to the insurance company to reserve my place in a long queue, I realized that there was nothing more I could do. For the next 10 hours or so, the tempest raged. The 60 mph winds continued to wreak havoc on my roof.

"If it must be replaced," I thought, "perhaps it can be improved upon." So I began to research. Ultimately, I decided that a replica of the Pantheon's dome would suit the compound well. True, I would have to stop leaving the mail on my kitchen's island, lest it be drenched in a downpour. But the aesthetic value would surely make up for any inconveniences caused by the hole in the roof. Now, I wonder if the homeowners' association will approve ...


Eagle The Pug said...

Mugsy - I had my own harrowing experience with that great brown wind that blew through our part of Texas as well.

I was bowling with my family when the wind blew the power out just as my mother sent her ball down the lane in her usual haphazard style. Fortunately our scores were not erased and I was victorious once again. Does the compound have a bowling alley?

Anonymous said...

oh no holy mugsy! I hope the compond's roof is fixed or restructured very soon! Might I suggest a bell tower not unlike Big Ben as an alternate construction? You can put your standard up and also ring out to the masses when you are available for teachings.

In Chicago - we had sleet and snow hence my birthday parade(not unlike the Easter parade in NYC) of five doggies had to be canceled. Was a shame, my gown was gorgeous. Also the other pugs (Daisy and Khea) were not to pleased either. Strange how only the dalmation(lewis) and the cocopoo(Rudy) didn't give a flying rawhide. Of course - they are males. No offence to you - but I am thinking since you are a pug - you would have enjoyed the birthday parade of style - you all decked out in your turbin along with your herum following dilegently behind you and waving fan's at you. IT would have been an awesome site to behold!

So since this nasty weather of slush and more slush, I was stuck with guard duty while I yelled (ie barked) at all the snowplow trucks daringly going up and down my street and flashing their lights of warning. Mummy even closed the blinds but I was able to pear underneith them to still exclaim my rage at them!

But most importantly, I am so glad that the compounds communication system was not hurt in the brown wind. That would have been most dreadful.

I think the compond DOES have a bowling alley - because I am thinking the compound is not unlike the White House, which has a bowling alley and than some. Luckily for you your compound does not have nasty scotty's running amuck in it.

Also I must insist - since you are so well taken care of - your parents must be shown to the masses so that we can honor them as well.

May the great brown wind die down and the holes in the roof be fixed and reconstructed to the roof of your chosing! hugs and tons of pugs kisses(I can do that now since I am officially ONE years old!) Aine.

James Beauregard daPug said...

Mama's daughter, who lives in Plano, is staying with us for several months working on a movie being filmed here. Ordinarily she goes home on Friday night after work but this past weekend her husband came to spend a long weekend with us.

I don't think we watched much TV and Tim didn't know about the dust storm until he got back home late Sunday. He said he was glad he wasn't home!

The weather in North Louisiana is knockdead perfect, Bro. Mugsy. I stayed outside with Mama a lot yesterday and I heard her say she's going to give me a bath today.

I hope everything is back to order around your compound by now. You need all your shingles - it's going to rain later this week.

J. B.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

No, Eagle. We are without bowling alley. I am glad you survived the great windstorm.

Would it be tacky to pair a bell tower with the dome, Aine? I think that might work. I am sorry to hear that your parade was canceled. My parents are like Wilson from "Home Improvement."

Thank Allah you were spared from the mighty wind, J.B. It was certainly not pug weather.

Leslee said...

I'm sure you can find a differnt place for the pesky mail!

Puglet said...
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