Friday, February 16, 2007

Spitting images?

Visit to try out this facial recognition Web site. The results can be rather interesting, if not altogether accurate. Frankly, I was shocked that Jude Law wasn't in my Top 8.


Boomer said...

I have always thought you looked like Mr. T.

Winston said...

Oh Great One,
You actually do bear a striking resemblence to Albert Einstein.

The Grand Duke

dog lover said...

We think you are the Robert De Niro of Pugs...and definitely much better looking than Eva Longoria!

Porky & Brownie

sarah s. said...

I, too, cannot believe Jude Law was not one of your top eight. With both of you having the two most perfect faces I have ever seen, this is just wrong!!!

Zeus said...

Oh, I may just have to do this. Hilarious as always, Mugsy!

T-man said...

Ayatollah, your complexion is flawless. Much better than that wrinkled Eva Longoria's!