Monday, October 23, 2006

Monumental find

EULESS, Texas (AP) -- Pilgrims from around the world descended upon a Texas park Monday to see what they believe is a sacred object -- a potato chip bearing the likeness of a canine religious leader.

Debbie Wilson, who discovered the chip, says it features an unmistakable image of Ayatollah Mugsy, her spiritual leader and the head of Pug Life Ministries.

"I was having a picnic Saturday," Wilson said, "and a chip fell out of my bag and onto my blanket. I looked down, and a ray of sunshine was illuminating that perfect image. It is so clearly the ayatollah. This is a sign from God; I just know it is."

Reluctant to move the chip, Wilson hired a security firm to watch it 24 hours a day.

Word spread quickly via Internet message boards, and by Sunday afternoon, the park was crowded with people and their pets clamoring to view the potato chip.

Euless police have been working overtime to manage the crowds and ensure the safety of the chip, whose brand name has not been revealed.

"This is a priceless item," said Euless Police Chief George Croft. "Imagine how they must have felt when they found the Dead Sea scrolls, or the Shroud of Turin. Then multiply that by a billion. I won't let any harm come to this chip. It will sit in that park until the ayatollah tells me to move it."

Ayatollah Mugsy declined to comment for this story, but a spokesman said the ministry was preparing to take control of the chip.

"This is an important artifact that seems to possess a message from Allah," said the spokesman, who asked to remain anonymous. "Mugsy wants it preserved for future generations to see, so I expect that it will be housed in a wing of the planned Dogloo Mosque -- unless makes a suitable offer."


Brandi said...

Thats amazing Mugsy! So are you going to be selling it on ebay?

Chelsea said...

Wow. I wanna eat that so bad.
Not because it's got a dog on it.
I just wanna eat it.
Doggone it!


James Beauregard daPug said...

Oh me. These kinds of things scare me, Bro. Mugsy. Mama eats Pringles and you know what that means. Nobody's likeness, not even your reverendness', is ever going to show-up on a Pringle.

You can put some spinach dip on a Pringle and it looks kinda' like Santa Claus but that's not like this miracle occurrence in Euless.

PV's BillM. lives in Euless...I suspect he's somewhere in that throng of faithful followers waiting to see the chip that fell where it did.

J. B.

MJ's doghouse said...

Wow Mugs....that is an amazing coincident...becareful if you see anyone walking around the park with chip dip

Anonymous said...

This is so cool. We will be looking for other signs. Once they start, the number will increase!!!

Leslee said...

Very intersting.... very intersting indeed!

Anonymous said...

Nice fake article. The police Chief at the time was Leonard Carmack.