Saturday, October 28, 2006

Gone in a flash

I am worried about Gordon, the gecko friend I met early this month. For a while, he was a regular at the ayatollah compound -- either on the garage wall or on the outside of the garage door. I got to know Gordon, becoming his spiritual adviser. He was an eager student, and I bought him a tiny Quran to aid his studies. He began to talk about running away to Yemen to enroll in a madrassa, as I had done years earlier. "But Gordon," I said, "it is very hot there. Even hotter than Texas. I do not know if the Yemeni climate is suited to a Mediterranean gecko such as yourself." That was two weeks ago, and I have not seen him since. If anyone has any information on Gordon's whereabouts, please let me know. I pray for his safety.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered that it could be related to the mysterious cat that comes around your compound. Be aware. Be very careful!!

Pappy's Fella said...

They have a classified ad page for Hemidactylus turcycus here. But I'd have to wonder how often he checks them.

Sarah O. said...

I'm sure Gordon is luxuriating on a nice warm rock studying his tiny Quran.

If need be, I'll send my leopard gecko, Gex, to find Gordon. Perhaps they'll form a study group.

Pippin, the Gentle Pup said...

I agree with anonymous--follow the kitty prints (though beware where they may lead)


James Beauregard daPug said...

I think Gordon has joined his group wherever all good geckos go for the winter - they've ALL disappeared and it happened app. two weeks ago...on or about the same time all the hummingbirds packed up and vanished in the night.

Now, personally, I think all the geckos are around here somewhere...but, if history repeats itself, they won't show their faces again until probably next July or August, when they ALL come back from wherever they've ALL been all winter.

They're a peculiar group, Bro. Mugsy. Apparently when their internal clock says it's time to am-scram, they don't dilly-dally around.

J. B.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I may soon have new information on the feline prowler, Anonymous One and Pippin. The ARF is on top of it.

Are you suggesting that Gordon may have been sold into slavery, Pappy's Fella?

I would feel better about that, Sarah O. Strength in numbers.

It makes me feel better that you have experienced the same Gecko exodus, J.B. Perhaps he took some friends along with him.

Joe Stains said...

I will check with the geckos that live outside our bathroom window to see if they have heard from Gordon

Joe Stains said...


Could this be

Mom is so short she couldn't get a good picture, but this looks like your buddy? Could he be spying on me??