Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mugsy declares holiday

As promised, I have decided to honor your many contributions to the ministry. I hereby declare Monday, May 29, 2006, to be Ayatollah Mugsy Readers Day. You are all excused from work* or school on this date so that you can spend time reflecting on your allegiance to me and your dedication to the Pugistan secession movement. This will also give you ample free time to add to my vote total in the World's Hottest Pug contest. Sadly, an adorable upstart has passed me by. Enjoy your upcoming three-day weekend; you've earned it!

* Firefighters, police officers, air-traffic controllers and rawhide deliverymen should first check with their supervisors.


Buford said...

Truly, your wisdom is infinite. I will spend my day with my Goddess and her consort, reflecting upon the glory that is pug.

Brody the Bulldog said...

Of course, All A.R.F. troops are to remain "on Duty" - however, I'm happy to inform that they will all receive one additional bellyrub voucher, an extra hour of recreational time and a double ration of kibble.

Also - on Monday, there will be a special USO event featuring Jack Bauer, comedian Jack Black and a secret special guest at 2100 hrs.

Daisy the Boston Terrier said...

Mugsy, It looks like someone is trying to fix the "hottest pug" contest. :(

Leslee said...

You are too kind. I will enjoy my weekend thanks to you!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

That sounds like a fine way to spend the holiday, Buford.

Brody, I didn't mention the ARF troops because I knew they would get their marching orders from you. Your tough-but-fair management style is sure to boost the already stellar morale among the rank-and-file. And maybe we should try to recruit the secret special guest. He looks like a possible canine.

Yes, Daisy, it is apparent that my vote total has been tampered with. I suppose I could get angry at the Web site operator, but as we learned during the Great Botox Incident of November, excess vanity is not a pretty thing.

You earned it, Leslee!