Friday, May 05, 2006

Final offer

After tallying your votes, I have made our final offer to Ibrahim Wata, the African banker who has given us the opportunity of a lifetime. We must pray that he will not be turned off by our rawhide demands. But if he is, fortune may be smiling upon us. I have received nearly a dozen similar offers since my first reply to Mr. Wata. Here are the most recent e-mails in our ongoing conversation:

Dear Ayatollah Mugsy,
Thanks for your last mail. I have heard all what you said, But mind you that you most keep this transaction as a top secret until the fund get into your account, as you know that we are the bank official here in this bank, we don't want my bank to know that i am involved in this transaction. So i will be waiting to hear from you then.

Best regards

Mr.Ibrahim Wata.

Greetings, Mr. Wata,
It is not my intention to introduce an atom of negative into our conversation, but I must act on behalf of my congregation. The members of Pug Life Ministries have voted, and they feel that to make this a fair transaction, it is imperative that you send us 500 pounds of rawhide. And not just one massive 500-pound bone; it must be in pieces that we can get our teeth around. The congregation feels that this is a fair deal, given the inherent riskiness of dealing with Internet shysters. Write me back urgently if this is acceptable so that we can exchange shipping details. Once the rawhide has been weighed and distributed to the congregation, we will move on to the financial stage of our dealings. May Allah watch over this transaction.
Supreme Ayatollah
Pug Life Ministries

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