Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mugsy condemns 'balloon' festival

Over the weekend, I attended the Plano Balloon Festival, in one of the suburbs near my mosque. And what did I see? Not a single hot-air balloon. Oh, there were a few baskets sitting on the ground; a few unfilled balloons lying flat on the grass. But the skies were empty. Apparently, the 8 mph breeze on Sunday evening was too much for the cowardly human organizers to brave. I hereby issue a fatwa that any festival claiming to have 100 balloons and advertising a 6 p.m. mass launch shall follow through. And if it doesn't, the organizers shall refund the outrageous $18 I spent for parking and admission. Truly, it was deception most foul. In other news:

WEDNESDAY, I'M IN LOVE: I met a lovely young pug named Wednesday at the dog park on Sunday. She was slender, with a perfectly curved tail and an intriguing aroma. If she plays her cards right, she may find herself on the fast-track to my harem.

A HEARTWARMING IMAGE: Twisted Dog has posted this life-affirming photo of some Katrina evacuees on her blog. It shows that the humans haven't completely botched the rescue effort.


cat lover said...

pups-in-the-know wantin' to see the balloons aloft attended on saturday. guess it was about 7 pm that i seen them in the distance as i rounded the corner on the george bush freeway.

altho really, the whole thing was a frigging joke. that group is full of hot air. har!

p.s. nice link to that twisted dog pic

cat lover said...

twisted dog is the cat's meow. not that the ayatollah isn't super duper great too. but he's all tangled up w/ this wednesday bitch

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I wouldn't say that I'm tangled up with her. She is simply one of many harem prospects.