Friday, September 25, 2009

Mugsy addresses U.N. General Assembly

I am blogging from the lectern at the U.N. General Assembly, where my speech addressing the world body on behalf of Pugistan has entered Hour 8. It took much pushing and prodding to secure a spot for Pugistan, but I was given the less-than-coveted 3 a.m. time slot, right after Djibouti. With my long-winded "filibarker" technique, I intend to retain the podium through prime-time. About three-fourths of the delegates have now walked out, though I suspect it has more to do with exhaustion than any political statement. Today's speech has been less controversial than my previous appearances at the U.N. -- I spent the last half-hour reciting nursery rhymes. Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is giving me the thumbs-up sign and appears particularly impressed with my reading of "Hey Diddle Diddle." I suspect that he wishes he had quoted the song in his own rambling speech.

I must be going now -- it is difficult to type and bark at the same time. But I would like to give special thanks to Donald Trump, peace be upon His Hairpiece, for allowing me to erect my Bedouin kennel on his property during my stay in New York.


jan said...

We're all sorry you weren't carried on TV.

Hank said...

Ayatollah, sir......can't ya put this on You Tube????

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you make more sense then the rest of those dudes. Keep on barking!

Anonymous said...


I am Salinger the Pug's father, and I must protest the Western media's refusal to air your speech. Perhaps it is time to create a subversive yet seemingly innocent Western-style news arm to ensure your message gets through to the masses. Since NBC already partnered with Microsoft over 10 years ago, perhaps Steve Jobs would be interested?