Saturday, September 05, 2009

Puppy saga resolved

After far too much drama, our furry houseguest has returned home. Mother was out walking the pup, Wendell and me Friday morning when a woman drove up and said, "Hey, that's my dog." Mother was thrilled to find the owner and began to hand the pup to the woman, who then said, "Well, you can keep him if you want ..."

"Earmuffs!" I said, as Wendell covered the puppy's ears with his paws to spare him any further hurt from his infidel mother.

The woman told mother that her young daughter had been looking for the dog and that she'd bring her by our house in an hour to pick up the dog. This seemed rather dubious, since she could have easily taken the dog right then and there. But the woman drove away before mother could say anything. So we returned to the house and waited.

An hour passed, then three, and the woman never showed up. We figured that the poor, innocent pup had been abandoned, so we began to ask around to see if anyone was looking for a new dogchild. Finally, Friday evening, I received a call on my cellphone. The woman was outside the compound and said her daughter wanted to speak to mother. I was working a late night at the mosque, so I gave the woman mother's phone number and told her to call her. "Are you planning to pick up your dog?" I asked. "Well," she said, "we were going to see if your mother wanted him ..."

"We are not looking for another dog," I interrupted. "We already have two in the household, and the competition for rawhide and bedding space is fierce enough. We are just taking care of the dog because he showed up in our bushes looking pitiful."

"Oh," she replied. I could sense the infidelness in her voice.

I later learned from mother that the woman did call, and that mother rushed home to return the dog. Mother reports that the woman's daughter, roughly 12 years old, was thrilled to get her puppy back, so we pray that she, at least, will take good care of the pup. And hopefully she has a better parenting role model than her mother.


Hank said...

That's fer dang sure, Ayatollah, sir. That woman needs 50 lashes with a wet rawhide!


I don't think I like that woman. I agree with Hank, she should be punished for not wanting that puppy.


Anonymous said...

This leaves me sad.

-Leigh Ann

PS. I am offended. The word verification text I am being forced to type, in order for my comment to be transmitted, is "retard." I hope this is not personal.

Anonymous said...

I hope the pup takes a greater wisdom back to his new home and he can help heal that family. Things happen for a reason.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Leigh Ann, I had nothing to do with the word verification text. Please do not let this affect your tithing.

We wish the best for young Jackson. Or whatever his real name is.